Douglas Carswell Defects to UKIP and the Political Game Changes

Douglas Carswell Defects to UKIP and the Political Game Changes

Douglas Carswell has defected from the Conservative Party to UKIP and called a by election in his constituency of Clacton, Essex. It is an extraordinary turn of events and a great boost to UKIP, but what does it say about the Conservatives – and in fact about Labour and the Liberal Democrats?


We know where Labour and the Liberal Democrats stand – they support unlimited immigration that will quickly lead to native Britons becoming a minority in the country: Their philosophical belief is that the country is just a living space, that anyone who enters it and occupies it for a time is just the same as one whose family goes back a thousand years. All cultures are equal and we will all rub along together in ‘vibrant diversity’ priding ourselves on our lack of prejudice with those with whom we have nothing in common. It is the same multiculturalism that has led directly to the rape of thousands of girls up and down the country at the hands of grooming gangs (of which Rotherham is just the first to be widely exposed[link]) and which has been criminally covered up by the agencies of the state with a promptitude and vigour that would have pleased Adolf Hitler. The Conservatives pretend they are different and promise radical changes to the way the country is run, while delivering on none of their policy commitments.



In a milder manner than I have expressed Douglas Carswell has said the unanimity of outlook between the three major parties is part of the main reason he has decided to leave the Conservatives. He said ‘politics is a game of spin’ played by those ‘who seek great office but believe in so little’. If it is accepted that Labour and the Liberal Democrats will inevitably destroy the country through limitless immigration, political correctness and multuralism, where does that leave the Conservatives? The reality is – nowhere. Just a few points from his defection speech:


• The Conservatives have promised to renegotiate the relationship with the European Union in 2017 but have provided no details, because there are none. No true renegotiation will take place. Everything will stay as it is. We will be shackled to the EU.

• The global volume of trade secured by the European Union is diminishing with each decade. When we joined its forerunner the EEC it secured 36% of world trade; that is now 25%, and within 10 years it is expected to reduce further to 15%. We are binding ourselves ever closer to a sinking ship. The political and the economic costs are, by implication, too great to bear. ‘Our future prosperity rests with trading worldwide’.

• The Tory leadership have already ruled out an election pact with UKIP – as it’s extremely unlikely they could now win an election on their own (in part due to Labour gerrymandering and the influx of millions of immigrants who vote Labour because Labour favours immigrants above the working class) – the Tories have no alternative agenda to present. They are the establishment. In fact, Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are actually just different sides of the same party. No matter which one you vote for you get the same thing.

• None of the three main parties has a policy for reducing over-spending. The Tories claim to be imposing ‘austerity’ but we are continuing to borrow £100 billion per year. As more immigrants enter the country the financial demands on the exchequer will increase, and borrowing will rise accordingly. Just the housing benefit bill alone will go up astronomically.



Those living in cloud cuckoo land may believe the government can carry on borrowing forever – it can’t. If interest rates rise even a little millions will be plunged into dire povery. The country will start to shake like the bones of a skeleton. If interest rates rise a lot then a nationwide catastrophe will ensue. For those of a nervous disposition I don’t recommend looking at the government’s figures and examining the true level of inflation.


As the Rotherham child rape scandal has shown, the country has to change fundamentally. Immigration has to be controlled, the level of benefits paid out has to be reduced to reasonable levels, and multiculturalism and political correctness have to go. The latter has resulted in 1400 rape victims that are admitted to in one single town – police, social services, councils, charities and others all acting their parts to protect paedophiles. Keeping in mind that there are an extremely large number of these rape gangs being investigated across the whole of the country, we can see that the horrendous consequences of ignoring reality in favour of a vile political doctrine will be fatally damaging to Britain. Only one party is going to ditch these unnecessary burdens, and that is UKIP.


We face a social and cultural apocalypse that will ruin the lives of tens of millions if the current political landscape is not broken up. This is a start, but it is the beginning of a long fightback we must pursue in order to maintain civilisation in the country, or accept permanent decline to a second world, and then – ultimately – third world status. Official UKIP statement. – Nigel Farage’s reaction. Hostile BBC journalist but overall a good interview.

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