Carol Felstead Second Inquest 2015 – Update

Carol Felstead Second Inquest 2015 – Update

As those who have followed the Justice for Carol campaign already know, the second inquest took place on 30th of September, 2015. Once again, it took place in the always impressive Royal Courts of Justice. An Open Verdict was returned.


Contrary to what may be imagined, a huge amount of new and quite remarkable information has become available to us during the past few months. Some of this is directly related to Carol’s ‘medical’ treatment, but some of it is of a quite different nature. In my opinion it increases the sinister aspect of Carol’s case. The addition of new information from unexpected sources, the events of the past two years, the revelations at the inquest, and our own deeper understanding of many issues and points of fact, have led to our deciding to write a second book.


Though the first book tells a truly extraordinary story, there were many aspects of the case we did not think we could discuss extensively, because we lacked the necessary corroborating evidence. Now we have that evidence. One of the things that strikes me most is how it is clear that Carol went through an organised process, and that what happened to her is happening to others – in completely different circumstances – today. There will no doubt be many families in the future who will be compelled to endure some of what we went through. This is a story that should be a matter of public record.


In 2005 when I was first contacted by the Coroner’s Assistant, and then anonymously by Dr Fleur Fisher, I had many suspicions as to what had happened to Carol. The inquest, and information supplied by others related to the case, have confirmed almost all of them.


At the moment we’ve begun the process of gathering the inquest transcripts together, and we will shortly start to sift through them as we decide what can be used as source material for the new book. It has been an incredible journey, but there is still much to be done. The background to how the first inquest was overturned, and a new one initiated against severe opposition, will in itself be of great interest to many readers. The events immediately before and shortly after the inquest will also, I think, provide an additional surprise. And, of course, the inquest itself provided a number of revelatory moments.

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