Welcome. This website focuses on the Carol Felstead case, the Satanic Ritual Abuse Panic, false memory, and other issues that are of interest to me.  The Satanic Panic has never gone away, and has simply reshaped itself into different forms to deceive the unwary and to trap the gullible.  I’m co-author of Justice for Carol – The True Story of Carol Felstead: The Creation of a Satanic Myth in the United Kingdom.  If you are unaware, it is more or less certain now that Carol Felstead’s was the first major fictitious case of Satanic Ritual Abuse, and started off the Satanic Panic in this country.  Carol was my sister, and the story of the book is about how a normal person went for medical treatment, was brainwashed, drugged, and maltreated until her early death at the age of 41 in 2005.  We began our quest for the truth in the same year, and encountered corruption, lies, mythmaking and obstruction at every point of our journey.


VIP Sex Abuse Charity Stripped of NHS Funding

Wild claims apparently generated under therapy investigated by the police and found groundless. Funding removed.  Clear links to the kind of treatment Carol Felstead received.


Carol Felstead Second Inquest 2015 – Update

Some remarks on the second inquest, and where we stand in relation to the Justice for Carol Campaign.


Pre-Inquest into Carole Myers / Carol Felstead’s Death – 26 March 2015

The pre-inquest took place on Thursday, 26 March, as planned in the Royal Courts of Justice, London.


Non-Existent Hampstead Satanic Cult

A comprehensive insight into the recent judgement on what has become known as the ‘Hampstead Satanic cult’ case. As usual, there was no Satanic cult. However, the case is such a typical example of the Satanic Panic I think anyone who wants to understand the subject needs to be acquainted with it – not least because of the devastating nature of the actual judgement itself.


Pre-Inquest Hearing into the Death of Carole Myers / Carol Felstead

Details of the upcoming pre-inquest hearing into Carol’s death, the forerunner to the actual inquest in June.


Carol Felstead / Carole Myers Inquest Quashed

In London’s Royal Courts of Justice, yesterday, the previous inquest of 12 August 2005, into the death of Carole Myers, was quashed and new grounds for the enactment of a new inquest were accepted.


New Big Issue Article on the Carol Felstead Case

Introduction to the Big Issue North article on Carol’s case.

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  1. Richard – Well met, sir!
    I cannot praise the courageous & valiant efforts of your family members in documenting and publicizing the information contained on “Justice for Carol”, highly enough. I’m not sure if you and your family understand, even now, the tremendous importance of it all. Justice for Carol, that has tremendous importance in and of itself – but your documentation is a priceless gift and boon to the whole of modern society.

    You have documented something foul, nefarious, EVIL, beyond the belief even of most rationalist skeptics – something that a few of us have been aware of for decades but had great difficulty in documenting. You have documented the deeply disturbing reality, that members of the Survivor Cult have been systematically entering fraudulent & false data that allegedly supports their nonsensical SRA fantasies, into ‘the public record’ in various forms at various levels. And further, that professional careers have been built around supposedly studying, analyzing and acting upon THIS DEMONSTRABLY FALSE INFORMATION!

    I ask everyone who reads this – please take some time to contemplate the full ramifications of this reality. If you don’t find this profoundly distressing, then you haven’t comprehended it – please try again.

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