British ISIS Fighter Beheads US Journalist

British ISIS Fighter Beheads US Journalist

What greater condemnation of multiculturalism can there be than that headline? Tolerance to the point of idiocy has led us to this point. There are now more Muslims fighting for ISIS than there are in the British Army. That is shameful. With the death of Lee Rigby we should have had an about-turn on multiculturalism and all its offshoots; now another ‘Briton’ (and I use that term loosely) has beheaded someone we MUST acknowledge the threat to our society and we must redress the mistakes we have made in not stressing the supremacy of British values in the country. If a person does not accept the rule of law, secularism, the rights of women, freedom of religion, and enlightenment rationalism when dealing with political problems, they should leave and go to another land more aligned with their beliefs, where they will not have to fight to assert their identity. Enough is enough. We now have the ridiculous situation where it is entirely possible that many of these so-called ‘jihadists’ may return from Syria and Iraq after committing multiple murders, rapes and atrocities of every description, and may sign on to receive jobseekers’ allowance, housing benefit, tax credits, and all the other welfare payments our state gives to normal citizens, whilst promulgating their abhorrent beliefs. Not a single one of these fanatics should be allowed to pass through immigration control.


A number of journalists are declaring we must destroy the Islamic State (or ISIS, or whatever they’re calling themselves today) – and with that I concur – however the homegrown problem must be addressed, and must be dealt with severely. Blind tolerance will kill us all if we do not cut off the hydra’s head and then tar over every limb through which another can grow. That requires strategic thinking. We have no other choice than to crush every trace of Islamism in Britain. If after the Second World War a branch of the Nazi party had set up business here we would have taken strong measures to suppress it (to put it mildly). We need to recognise these people as the religious Nazis they are and punish them accordingly. We support freedom of religion but we do not support religious fascism. Multiculturalism has failed, and if we continue with it many will die. That must be accepted. The practical methods to be used will need to discussed privately and publicly by politicians. This is a debate that cannot be avoided – and if it is there will be civil unrest. People are justifiably concerned. In 1939 we could have taken the easy way out. We didn’t – we sacrificed our power and bankrupted ourselves to defeat the greatest evil the world had ever seen. We are at the same momentous point in history again. We must choose to face the darkness and we must fight socially, politically and militarily to defeat the barbaric monstrosity which seeks to devour us. If we make the right choice we will win.

Links: (Includes a link to the video announcing the execution.)

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