The Times Article – Inquest Victory for Parents Accused of Ritual Satanic Abuse

The Times Article – Inquest Victory for Parents Accused of Ritual Satanic Abuse

David Brown has delivered a short, powerful article on Carol’s case.  As with any article, it can’t deal with all the points we want addressing.  Obviously it’s important Carol’s name is given as Carole Myers, but the reader needs to bear in mind this was probably a name assigned to her with the approval of those who were instructing her on changing her identity.  The name, in short, is fictitious; Carol had already been brainwashed and she was compelled to fit herself into the new personality and new history previously created on the therapist’s couch.  See my post Carole Myers = Carol Felstead on the matter.  It’s pretty obnoxious using Carole Myers, as it is, in essence, like the name a master would impose on a slave, and defines her absolute powerlessness before those who wielded the whip-hand over her.

The article doesn’t fully say why we are seeking a new inquest.  Anyone who has read our book – Justice For Carol – will be acquainted with the reasons.  The events leading up to and proceeding from Carol’s death were not accurately described at the inquest – indeed, the inquest obscures the facts by either hiding or excluding hugely important matters.  The real narrative was fundamentally different; I’m inclined to say completely different.  On reviewing the telephone transcript of Dr Fisher’s call to the Metropolitan Police, and noting the discrepancies between what was reported at the inquest and what actually occurred it is impossible not to be alarmed.  They are not the same.  David Brown indicates that when he writes:

Dr Fisher had called the police from a train in June 2005 saying she believed that Ms Myers was in her bedroom having taken a drug overdose and later claimed to be her next of kin in an attempt to arrange her cremation and to empty her flat of her possessions.

How could Dr Fisher know that Carol was dead in her flat, and that her body would be found in her bedroom?  It is a simple question, but one that needs to be asked.  She said to Inspector S of the Metropolitan Police that she was approximately 200 miles away at the time.

The exact nature of her relationship to Carol – starting as a doctor, then a ‘friend’, then a ‘next of kin’, and then her ‘unofficial mother’ (for by saying Carol was her ‘unofficial daughter in her telephone call to Diamond Insurance in August 2005 that was what she was claiming) needs defining.  How did it get like that?  Read the book and you will see how extraordinary the role of Dr Fisher was in Carol’s life – it was bizarre, to say the least.

Her family were horrified to discover that Ms Myers’ claims had been used by experts as examples of proof of the existence of Satanic ritual abuse and that the untrue allegations against her parents were recorded on the Scotland Yard computer systems.

We know of Carol’s importance to Valerie Sinason, Vera Diamond and Dr Fisher, but how on earth was it possible for these preposterous accusations and their related fantasy court case to be scrutinised and accepted by officers within the Metropolitan Police?  It is incredible.  Not only do we need to know how this has happened, but the public needs to know as well.  And it can’t be said that the passing of false information to the Met Police was a separate issue to the inquest, because some of the same information was passed to the Coroner’s Office, and would have been an absolutely critical part of the inquest if we had not attended.  If – as very nearly happened – we had missed the call from the Coroner’s Office on the 14th of June 2005, Dr Fisher’s ‘stories’ would have been taken for the truth.  Bearing in mind the tsunami of historic abuse cases that have recently occurred, we can well imagine what would have then ensued.
The article is a bare, stripped-down skeleton of the case, and is all the more brutal for concentrating on Dr Fisher’s role.  The facts are harsh to the point of being horrendous, for they lead from one concern to another, each of which is devastating in its own right.  We know that Carol died an early death, how many others went through the same process and are either living a fake existence somewhere separated from their families, or are buried six feet under or cremated?
The final paragraph reads:

Dr Fisher, 77, was Head of Ethics, Science and Information for the British Medical Association from 1991 to 1996.  She could not be contacted for comment.

I am not surprised.  There is still much to tell, and a new inquest could answer many of the vital questions which concern both us and the public at large.
David Brown’s article – Inquest Victory for Parents Accused of Ritual Satanic Abuse – can be read online at  It’s necessary to subscribe to view it, however there is a free 30 day trial for £1 which will provide access.  It’s well worth the cost.

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