The Carole Myers Scandal Worsens

The scandal surrounding the misdiagnosis, maltreatment and death of Carole Myers at the hands of the medical establishment – and the bizarre hold exercised over her by the quack therapists with which she was surrounded – is growing bigger by the day.  A number of extraordinary revelations have come light, but these will need to be told on another occasion. For now we can mention a new development – the updated entry on Dr Fleur Fisher on the Family Justice and Child Protection Dramatis Personae website ( You will need to read the entirety of it to understand the gist of it, however I’ll point out a section I thought was outstanding, and one that has beaten me to the punch:


“The Carol Myers/Felstead Scandal emphasises the need for only the highest levels of professional integrity and ethics to be practised by any medical staff or physicians coming into contact with vulnerable persons. The scandal also draws attention to the risk that said medical staff may, having been influenced perhaps by religious and/or political dogmas, be no longer able to make sensible judgements that benefit a patient. The Scandal has focused a bright spotlight on the nature of medical ethics being taught and practised in the UK, and has suggested they are deficient, most notably those relating to confidentiality, privacy and the disclosure of data to third parties, and its impact, particularly when the data is grossly inaccurate. That Dr. Fisher was previously a recognised authority on these subjects is perhaps the more disturbing and the more damaging for the British medical establishment – and it seems that only a thorough independent investigation will provide either an informed retort to the allegations made, or confirmation followed by recommendations for remedial action to ensure such instances do not take place again. At the time-of-writing Dr. Fisher had declined to challenge the allegations made in writing on public web sites.“


The site itself is outstanding for depth and extent of its coverage across the whole range of Family Justice. To view the entry please visit:

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