Private Eye’s Article on Justice for Carol in their Satanic Panic Section

An excellent article on Carol’s case has recently been published in Private Eye. It succinctly describes the main points of the story, and by giving a narrative recount of events offers the reader an easy overview of this appalling and horrendous tragedy.  I don’t want to quote the article in full, as I’m not sure about the copyright issues, so I’d recommend buying last week’s Private Eye to read it, and show support for one of the few publications that seems to have independence and integrity as its main characteristics.


If you go through it, you might see the story from a different viewpoint – one in which a coterie of obsessed ‘experts’ do everything in their power to support mumbo jumbo, and prevent any amount of light from shedding itself on their bizarre fixations. And ‘bizarre’ is a word that has to be used over and over again in this case: the diagnosis is bizarre, the treatment is bizarre, the events before and after Carol’s death are bizarre – the only conclusion a normal person can have is that rationality was thrown out of the window when treating Carol, and every effort by the doctors from then on was dedicated to making sure it never made its reappearance, no matter what the facts were.


From the records that do survive, the family have pieced together horrifying details of a tormented life. As they have sought official investigation into her death, they have encountered obstruction, impotence, lies and cover-up.


That’s the under-statement of the year. Every obstruction it was possible to put in the way of our family in knowing the precise events surrounding Carol’s life and death was placed before us. One person after another, and one organisation after another, either withheld the truth, distorted it, or deliberately misrepresented it so that most people would not have had the slightest capacity to uncover the facts. Unfortunately for the actors involved in this little drama, we are not most people – by which I do not mean we possess miraculous abilities to make the impossible possible – I mean we have persistence, and do not give up in the face of adversity. We also have the ability – which appears to be extremely rare in the medical world – to apply common sense to the fantasies we have been told by numerous authorities, and thence to determine if the official story is false, the true one must be quite different from it. As the application of logic has been woefully missing from Carol’s diagnosis, treatment, and life, we have applied it, and arrived at a point where it appears the most accurate judgement is that every authority figure who played a significant role in this drama failed in their duty, and failed catastrophically.


Out of the blue Carol sent her parents a Christmas card in December 2004 saying she would visit soon. Then, in the last week of her life she twice spoke with her brother Richard and said she wanted to come back to Stockport to be near her family. In the week she was due to visit, Carol was found dead in her flat following a 999 call to the Met Police by Dr Fisher while she was on a train to Manchester.


Does that sound suspicious? I think it does. If you’ve been checking the News section on the Justice for Carol website you will see that the game is afoot, and there are many things happening in the background, which we firmly expect will bring further revelations.


If you wish to read the article SAFF have uploaded a copy at:

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