News of the World Phone Hacking Scandal, Met Police Corruption and the Carol Felstead Case

If you’re living in a cave and don’t know about the ‘News of the World’ phone tapping scandal, you may want to go to the Independent’s website first of all and read some of their excellent articles on the subject: Then I suggest you read what the ex-Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Brian Paddick, has to say concerning police officers ‘paid up to £30,000 for information by journalists in ‘clandestine’ money drops at branch of McDonald’s’: Once you’re up to speed with the latest news from civilisation you might be wondering why the Carol Felstead case has anything to do with it. The answer is simple, you can’t understand the News of the World story without discussing police corruption, and you can’t help wondering whether police corruption applies to Carol’s case. Let’s just list a few of the key points:

  • Deceased person’s property taken without legal right and without consent of the family.
    Existence of family always known, but no attempt made to contact them.
  • Attempted cremation without knowledge of the said family.
  • False information supplied to police and Coroner’s Office, including details of non-existent police investigations and non-existent court cases, to be entered into police records and into a court of law at the inquest.
  • Discrepancy after discrepancy in the narrative of events provided before and after the death.
  • A 15 month police investigation that begins without a Crime Reference Number, continues without a Case Reference Number, and without a Crown Prosecution Service number, thus making any real prosecution impossible.
  • Police refuse to allow family to hear 999 call directly relating to Carol’s death made by Dr Fleur Fisher.

You can see many more of the details if you read through the main article on the Justice for Carol site.

Is this a simple case of incompetence or is it corruption?

If officers in the Metropolitan Police have been taking bribes from journalists at the News of the World for 10 or 15 years what does that say about their integrity when comes to investigating other crimes? This is a very big story indeed, and we will see what unfolds as the days goes by, and the murky truth reveals itself.

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