Justice for Carol Case – Application for New Inquest

Justice for Carol Case – Application for New Inquest

Those who have been following the Justice for Carol case will know that we have spent the best part of 9 years trying to ascertain the true facts regarding my sister Carol’s death. We have made consistent progress. In March we received notification from the Attorney General’s Office that the Solicitor General had given his consent to make an application for a new inquest under section 13 1b of the Coroner’s Act 1988. Section 13 1b says a new inquest can be ordered if any of the following are applicable:

  • reason of fraud
  • rejection of evidence
  • irregularity of proceedings
  • insufficiency of enquiry
  • the discovery of new facts or evidence

We next contacted the High Court and were informed that Westminster Coroner’s Office would oppose any application for a new inquest. However, after sending in a letter with extensive documentation, we were pleased to be informed on the 18 June that the Coroner’s Office had dropped their opposition and were conceding that an order for a new inquest should be made. We have been asked to consent to the order. It seems inevitable now that a new inquest will indeed take place.

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