An Introduction to Justice For Carol – The True Story of Carol Felstead

An Introduction to Justice For Carol – The True Story of Carol Felstead

‘Justice For Carol – The True Story of Carol Felstead.  The Creation of a Satanic Myth in the United Kingdom’.  Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014.  Available in paperback and Kindle format from Amazon.
Justice For Carol tells the extraordinary story of the life and death of Carol Felstead.  A trained nurse by the age of 21, she went to see a doctor about a headache, and from then on was trapped within a medical system that first misdiagnosed her and later brainwashed her into reinventing herself as the victim of a Satanic Ritual Abuse cult that was said to cover the whole of the UK and include police officers, doctors, MPs and even Cabinet Ministers within its ranks.  She was almost certainly the central case at the heart of the Satanic Ritual Abuse scandal that swept through the country in the 1980s and 1990s.  Unknown to outsiders she was separated from her family, illegally sectioned, assigned a new identity and moved to London.  There she was subjected to therapeutic treatment of such intensity it was tantamount to torture.  Plied with a multitude of drugs she almost lost her mind.  But in 2005, in a moment of desperation, she tried to break free from those that were controlling her – to return to her hometown.  A week later she was found dead in her flat, in mysterious circumstances that still raise questions to this day.
Informed by a Coroner’s Officer that she was due to be cremated within 24 hours, her younger brother was the first to be told of her death.  An anonymous phone call from an unidentified ‘next of kin’ claiming to be certain of the reasons for Carol’s death followed.  Why had she died?  What had happened?  As the family members contacted the authorities involved they gradually discovered the astonishing truth.  Supported by medical records, police testimony and the results of their own hard-won research the book tells the in-depth story of Carol’s life and death, and the origins of the Satanic Abuse Panic that is still widespread today, for the first time, with hard and fast evidence that cannot be denied.
‘Read the book to the last page – it may save you and your children’s life.’

’…. a truly shocking and amazing `live’ indictment of abuse of power by a number of individuals who have been trusted to represent our establishments.’

‘We found the story utterly compelling. The book is extremely well written, and moving. The authors are measured and balanced and, as horrifying as the story is, the book is gripping and highlights the appalling atrocities inflicted on this family (and probably on thousands of other families in the United Kingdom).’

‘Sometimes real life is more shocking than fiction.’

Excerpts from Amazon reviews.
After burying Carol the family tried to uncover details of her medical treatment.  All information was withheld.  They contacted the housing association that owned the flat in which she had lived.  All information was withheld.  Every organisation they spoke to produced the same result – all information was withheld.  An inquest took place but could not provide a satisfactory reason for Carol’s death and within a few months they realised vital facts had been either excluded or suppressed from it.  Their quest for answers met with either lies, evasions or a wall of silence.  Had Carol really been just a distressed young woman who had unfortunately suffered severe mental health problems, or had she been something else entirely?  What was it the authorities were hiding?
Read how the facts were uncovered.  See how the family overcame each obstacle and discredited the official narrative of events.  It could happen to you, or to one of your daughters.  Containing copies of  medical records, police files, and letters from a multitude of bodies, the book provides concrete evidence for each of its claims, so that the reader does not have to take on trust this astonishing scandal really did happen in the twenty-first century.
It is a book that demanded to be written – both as a cautionary tale and as a warning of what uncontrolled professionals are capable of when they have vulnerable individuals caught within their grasp.  The system that destroyed Carol is still in operation today.  None of the professionals connected to her case have been punished or reprimanded in any way.  The danger remains.
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