How to Make Someone Disappear from the Face of the Earth

Carol Felstead

Carol Felstead as a young girl

Carol’s case has enormous implications for anyone who has interactions with the medical services in the UK.
As Carol was treated within the National Health Service, and was also treated privately, there can’t be a strict distinction between public and private care.  And that means, in principle what has happened to Carol could happen to anyone. It is absolutely appalling to say that the system for diagnosing, treating and then hospitalising patients seems to be almost totally unaffected by late 20th century reforms in medicine, but it is clearly true: the system has so many holes in it you can drive a coach and horses through it.


Let’s consider some of the points in Carol’s case and see what’s wrong with it. Now bear in mind I haven’t entitled this article ‘How to make someone disappear from the face of the earth’ by accident; I know exactly what I’m doing, and the consequences of my argument – if it is indeed valid, as all evidence seems to say – are horrendous in the extreme. They cannot be allowed to stand.


The scenario in Carol’s case is pretty straightforward; all the convoluted arguments that might arise as a result of it are dispelled by facts, facts on the Justice for Carol website and facts known to ourselves but not yet revealed to the public. We don’t need to jump to wild conclusions; we don’t need to hypothetically piece things together, we have the records in front of us and the information to support our claims – that what is supposed to be impossible is in reality possible, and appears to be happening repeatedly on a systematic basis:-


The patient goes to a doctor with a minor physical ailment. The doctor can find nothing wrong with them and so suggests psychological or psychiatric therapy (how that will be defined is dependent on whether strict usage of those terms is enforced, because some people would say this does not consist of legitimate medical treatment at all). The patient then goes to a therapist who brainwashes them using a combination of ‘recovered memory therapy’ and drugs, to the extent that the patient cannot recall the most basic facts about themselves – ie where they went to school, where they used to work, what type of house they used to live in, who their friends were and what were the primary incidents of their early lives. Then bit by bit, as the drugs infuse themselves into the patient’s system over the course of months, a new story is fed them – one obviously derived from watching too many horror films – involving mass murder, brutal attacks, and ridiculous, to the point of being impossible, incidents, that can’t have taken place unless the laws of physics have been repeatedly suspended, for example that the dead were alive after they were buried and the living walked the earth before they were born. Not a single one of these fantasies is ever checked, and in fact checking them is actively discouraged because that is to ‘disbelieve’ and is in effect to ‘traumatise’ the patient even more. Then once the patient has been terrified out of their wits, drugged to the eyeballs, and treated so that they can’t tell the real from the unreal anymore, they undergo further diagnosis to address the pretend physical damage that has been inflicted on them in their uncontrolled imaginations. One operation leads to another. Each operation obviously requires a host of additional drugs, and since these operations themselves cause complications, further operations are required, with still more drugs to be added to the mix.


When fantasy has become reality the treatment has been successful. But at that stage the patient sees themselves as surrounded by danger on all sides; the world they knew is dead; they are alone in the universe – but the one person who is there to support them at all times, the one person they can rely on, the one person who understands them (because you can be absolutely certain that nobody else will understand the cock and bull story the therapist has fed to the patient) is the one who has diagnosed them in the first place. The doctor and the therapist (and they may be different or the same) then become the patient’s mother and father; they become their real family, and everything they then do must refer to them. But that of course can’t be the end – there is no objective proof that these fantasises took place, so police investigations and court cases are invented; these are recorded in the medical notes and since a doctor’s job is to treat patients and not to investigate crimes, they are never questioned, and the delusions of disordered minds become concrete facts. The therapist – as the patient’s only hope – can then take over the patient’s life completely. In order to protect them the therapist must ensure they never speak to anyone outside their circle about the ‘truth’; separation from the family must occur because any contact with reality, any possibility, for example, that the story can be contradicted must be prevented at all costs – after all, the patient’s ‘health’ depends on it, and to subject the patient’s narrative to scrutiny will only ‘traumatise’ them a second time. Belief without question is viewed as best for all. The next step is the crucial one – change the person’s identity; give them another name, so the patient is protected from non-existent danger, and the mutual fantasy of the therapist and patient remains undisturbed. Then there would be no Carol Felstead, there would only be Carole Myers, which is a different person. The decisive point has then been reached – as the original diagnosis is a self-fulfilling prophecy of doom, in which the results of the horrendous imaginary damage inflicted on the patient necessitate endless medical treatment, in which the therapist occupies a god-like position of omniscience, being the only one in possession of the key, the ‘secret knowledge’ that reveals the truth of the victim’s story, in the face of an unbelieving world – and thus the patient can at last be sectioned inside a mental hospital. With that apotheosis the therapist has supreme control – should the patient recant and try to turn their backs on the ‘truths’ revealed to them, that would prove they are insane and require still further medical treatment within the walls of an institution that will become a second home. There can be no turning back, and who is then to be their nearest relative? Who will sign the forms that incarcerate her (and it’s almost invariably a woman) within the walls of a secure hospital? It cannot be the patient’s family because the patient doesn’t have a family. It must be signed by the therapist who has become her ‘mother’ or ‘father’; the person who has replaced the family – the one who has diagnosed her condition in the first place, and ruined her life. Now think – if you were in that position, and you were told that your real identity was false, and that your real life was evidence of a mental disease that could keep you locked securely within a modern-day asylum for the rest of your days, would you acknowledge who you were, or would you agree to what you were told, and accept that the truth is a lie and a lie is the truth, in order to regain your freedom and independence? Should you say you are the son or daughter of your mother, and that the town you were brought up in was your hometown, that would be proof of your insanity. And in fact we have reasons to believe that is exactly what happened to Carol. I don’t have to rely on someone else’s opinion, I have heard her speak in her own words, so I can use my own experience to judge whether the scenario I’ve painted above is true or not. The week before Carol died she called me and told me she wanted to move back North, begin over again, and live close to her family. The following week she was dead. Was that merely a coincidence? What happened? The Justice for Carol website was created to find answers to these questions.


However, to draw back to my previous narrative. If Carol Felstead was misdiagnosed in 1985 (or 1986 at the latest), Carol was operated on and received the wrong treatment for 20 years, and that treatment – at the very least – foreshortened her life and led directly to her death. When therapists and doctors have spent that long treating a patient do you think they can admit to making a mistake? When judgement, after judgement, after judgement, has been mistaken, how can they? It’s not a question of one or two errors – we are talking about catastrophic decisions in the hundreds. The vested interests of all – or almost all – of the doctors will have been in accepting the status quo. Is it so difficult to believe that in such a case it is easier for the patient to die than to live? No-one can undergo the operations Carol underwent, no-one can take the incredible quantity of mind-altering drugs Carol took, and expect to live a long life. The problem with the diagnosis is that once it is made, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy that in the eyes of the diagnostician leads directly to death. Once you’re in this system you don’t get out except in a box. Then, all that remains is for the therapist or doctor to dispose of the patient’s possessions, and since there is no family to contact the dilemma of managing the patient’s estate is resolved. The therapist or doctor takes everything themselves. The patient has been successfully wiped from the face of the earth. Who would know if Carole Myers died? Who would know that Carole Myers was in fact Carol Felstead? How could the two be connected? There would be no need to contact the family, because Carol wouldn’t have a family. So simultaneously the family doesn’t exist but it does exist. The Coroner’s Officer for Battersea Coroner’s Office said in July 2005, ‘We were told there was no family.’ Thus absolute control was exercised over Carol from the first moment she received medical treatment, until the moment of her death, and beyond. How many times has this happened? How many women have undergone this treatment and have vanished from sight?


If you would like to find out the precise details regarding Carol Felstead’s life and death please visit I am afraid I don’t believe that what’s happened to Carol is a unique event; my suspicion is that it has occurred on hundreds or thousands of occasions, and that anyone who has contact with the medical establishment must ensure they protect themselves against unscrupulous professionals who will misdiagnose them, and wreck their lives in every conceivable way. Relying on doctors’ ethics, relying on the high-minded ambitions of doctors to treat their patients without doing harm, relying on the safekeeping of medical records, and relying on the integrity of those in authority to protect the weak from the powerful, will result in disaster unless the threat of punishment is at hand to return to incompetent doctors and quack therapists the blows they callously and sadistically inflict on their patients.

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