Daniel Foggo’s Sunday Times’ article – ‘Satanic Abuse Claims Doomed Our Girl’ – and the Objectives of the Justice for Carol Campaign

We’re waiting for permission to publish all or part of yesterday’s ‘Sunday Times’ article. When we have a response we’ll write a separate piece on the Justice for Carol website, giving a broader overview of the issues mentioned within it.  In the meantime we’re preparing a new page called ‘Campaign Objectives’, which will explicitly state what it is we want to achieve. When it is ready I’ll make a public announcement, as I’m aware that there are many people out there whose family members have been abused by doctors within the therapeutic establishment who wish to understand what exactly occurs in such cases, and how they can seek redress; and I’m also aware that our story is so astonishing it is of great interest to individuals who are fortunately not so embroiled, but who are concerned by the casual mix of quackery, paranoia, secrecy and criminality that threads its way through this tragic narrative over a 20 year time period, including almost every type of establishment body one can think of.


If we step back for a minute and just look at some of the most basic points in our story it will become apparent that Carol’s life and death brings up fundamental issues for everyone who lives in Britain and has some dealings with the health service (whether public or private). Carol’s problems arose because she felt ill, went to a doctor, was referred to a specialist, received treatment, and followed the medical advice given her. A normal course of events, you would say – and you would be right, for that’s where the fundamental problem lies, because it could happen to anyone. Unfortunately as soon as Carol did that her life was over. In reality, her life ended at the age of 21, for after that time it was no longer her life. It’s not just that she then underwent unnecessary medical operations, and was prescribed a phenomenal quantity of mind-altering drugs, the dire combination of which I think would lead to anyone’s early death, but that I believe her entire existence from that moment on was controlled by another person, exercising a sinister influence over her from which she could not escape – the only escape in such instances being in a box, six feet under. How is it that standard medical treatment can go so wrong? How does it get to a point when the patient becomes irrelevant and the conclusion of that medical treatment is for them to be wiped off the face of the earth without the family being told of what has happened? When do the interests of the doctor supplant the life of the patient, so that the Hippocratic Oath of ‘Thou shalt do no harm’ becomes replaced by death as the permanent cure for the patient’s suffering?


The objectives of the Justice for Carol Campaign are to discover the truth and obtain justice. We will upload a new page later this week and make further progress towards our goals.


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