Daily Mail Article – The women brainwashed by therapists to believe their parents abused them

Daily Mail Article – The women brainwashed by therapists to believe their parents abused them

This is an important article, with a new perspective on Carol’s case.  Inevitably, when condensing the story of a person’s life into a short narrative important details are overlooked and others are expanded.  One should always bear in mind when considering Carol’s case that her medical treatment and diagnosis are just one significant aspect of a much greater whole.  ‘Justice For Carol’ is not solely a critique of medicine, but of society as well.  The sinister nature of the forces that surrounded Carol and that kept her imprisoned in therapy can only be understood by reading the book from beginning to end.


Carol Felstead was unequivocal in the accusations she made against her family.

Her mother Joan, a nurse, and father, Joseph, an engineer, may have seemed like a respectable couple with five children.

But behind closed doors, she said, they were Satanists, who subjected her to years of childhood abuse.

The 41-year-old psychology graduate recounted in disturbing detail the night her mother murdered Carol’s older sister, Joan-Julie, before setting fire to the house to hide the evidence.

…. Yet, shockingly, not one of Carol’s claims was true.

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One of the things that struck me almost immediately after Carol’s death was that the statements Carol was purported to have made did not originate from her.  And, indeed, after looking through the thousands of pages of medical notes in our possession, it is obvious the narrative Carol related had been inculcated in her by her therapists, who devised the elaborate fantasy of Satanism and ritual murder over several years.  It did not come to them immediately, and, as the book shows, had to be developed by interactions with others in their field.  Though Carol never mentioned any of these ridiculous claims to me when she was alive, I am convinced that Carol had no genuine belief in them.  When I recollect Carol’s behaviour and her telephone conversations, and compare them with standard psychiatric diagnoses, it is apparent that she lacked emotional integrity – she claimed to have conviction in things she did not truly believe.  How could that be?


One of the commentators on the article made the following statement:


Brainwashing or mind control takes place in a prison or hospital type setting and involves severe trauma, drugs and electric shocks etc.


And stated Carol could not have undergone such treatment.  That is a gross error.  Carol was given electric shock treatment, severe and repeated therapeutic intervention that produced temporary mental collapse only relieved by sedation or strong anti-depressant or anti-psychotic drugs, and powerful hypnotherapy governed by an insistent demand to produce more and more ‘information’, with the result that one is compelled to say she was brainwashed.  She was not left alone, and was not allowed to be left alone, and when she attempted to change her story she was sectioned and the treatment reasserted, even when hospital psychiatrists were trying to utilize different techniques to bring about an improvement in her condition.   The details are in the book.  In reality, these ‘accusation’s’ did not belong to Carol, they belonged to her therapists, who were ruthlessly determined to ensure she held to them at all times, no matter what the cost.


I know that as a teenager Carol would have rebutted these tales of Satanic abuse in an extremely forthright manner, using very colourful language.  The transformation of Carol into a ‘victim’ at the hands of these therapists, and having her identity destroyed and then a new one reassigned to her, is one of the major aspects of the book.  How could therapists employed by the NHS do this?  How could modern medicine support and fund this primitive mediaeval quackery?  And if it’s happened to one has it happened to many others?


That question is addressed further on in the article.  Two more examples are given – Maxine Berry and Peter Jones.  It will be noted that the patients are all female.  This is of great significance, for reasons that will have to be dealt with more fully on another occasion.  As can be guessed, the psychotherapists have an intense interest in taking control of the lives of young women.  Maxine Berry’s says:


Our group counselling sessions became like a competition, with everyone trying to out-do each other with a worse story than the person before. One therapist became really angry when I started to question if these things had really happened, telling me: “You are not accepting things.”


I am certain this is what happened to Carol as well.  These counselling sessions bear more resemblance to cult rituals than genuine medical treatment.  The psychotherapists dominate their patients, and by giving catastrophic advice to them on how to manage their lives, permanently wreck their chances of happiness.  In Maxine Berry’s case it was by telling her to get sterilized so she couldn’t have children.  By cutting off the connections to normality, the psychotherapist becomes ever more significant, until the boundaries between patient and doctor are well and truly destroyed.  Just as certain vulnerable people become prey to ‘psychics’ and ‘mediums’ who deliver unquestioned advice on all issues great and small, the psychotherapist’s influence gradually ceases to have any limitations or any restraining factors.  The relationship becomes abusive.


Though we can back up each claim we make with corroborative evidence, there are still many who refuse to accept that is the truth: That if, as is stated repeatedly in the medical records, ALL of Carol’s medical treatment was necessitated by the suffering she endured at the hands of a Satanic coven, and if that Satanic coven never existed, then Carol was abused, the psychotherapists were abusers, and Carol was their victim.  Therefore, in uncovering the truth about Carol’s life and death, one is uncovering the truth of an historical abuse case.  A major fact governing the behaviour of some of those individuals we have investigated is that they wished to hide the facts of Carol’s treatment- does that sound familiar?  It cannot be said in their defence that they were sincere but mistaken.  Verification of outrageous claims was deliberately avoided with unshakeable determination.  Even medical records were ignored.  And now, we can see, without prejudice, that what happened to Carol almost 30 years ago was carefully calculated, with the effect of each step thoroughly determined in advance, and that Carol was first chosen, then groomed, and then abused.


The system that brought about her early death is still in operation today and the perpetrators remain unpunished.

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