BFMS Press Release – False Memories and the Justice for Carol Campaign

The British False Memory Society ( has sent out a press release on the death of my sister, Carol Felstead, which gives a clinical background on the process by which false memories are created by therapists and imposed on vulnerable patients. To quote Dr Peter Naish, Visiting Reader in Psychology at the University of Sussex:

“Some therapists … are convinced that all manner of dysfunctions in adults are clear indications that they were abused.

“This reason is as foolish as the following: “People with malaria have a fever. Mary has a fever so Mary must have malaria”.

“This is a logical fallacy which has destroyed families all over the world”, he asserts. “And it continues to do so.”

It should be noted that Carol changed her name to Carole Myers – apparently under pressure from her therapists – shortly after she was illegally sectioned and registered as mentally disabled. This was just one of the despicable acts she underwent as part of her ‘treatment’ – a treatment that immediately led to loss of physical and psychological health, and ultimately led to her death. Escaping from doctors who believe the destruction of one’s sanity and health is a necessary part of therapy is difficult to do when one is labelled as ‘mad’.

The press release can be viewed online here:

The Justice for Carol Campaign website can be viewed online here:

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